How it Works

Bizzpark team is a guiding company to move you to success. In a small scale industry, we don’t have Hr assistant, Market team, Financial support, Quality control, R&D. So that, we can’t compete multinational companies. For this, Bizzpark will help to overcome all the struggles in business by using combination of Unity, Network and Team work. Our Business will get towards Success.

“ Join your Hands with Us and achieve more ”

Membership Fee: Rs. 500/Year

Paid Members Benefit:

  • New Product Formulation up to 20% Discount.
  • We sourcing quality raw material in low cost .
  • Helping to establish business into all areas by connecting Distributors.
  • When you attend stalls, training (Local or Abroad) will get discount prize by using Bizzpark ID Such as CII, Trade centre, Corporate Training etc.
  • Performance Improvement Chart (PIC) will be issued by our Team auditors once in six month which will help to improve your growth rate.
  • Business certification like TRADE MARK , ISO, GMP, HALAL, PATENT and WEBSITE. You can get discount prize by using BizzPark ID.

“ Single person can’t Get success, Our team is always with you to get success ”.